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The Purpose of Our Healing Hub and our Equity Methodology

To provide a space (in person & virtually) where we can explore different modalities that assist us in elevating our consciousness through the healing arts. This exploration is welcomed and encouraged in the spirit of co-creating a safer/braver place for us to connect and support the mutual liberation of all humanity.

Our Healing Hub acknowledges systemic dominant culture in all of the industrial complexes. The industrial complex of housing, healthcare, prison, education, banking, to name a few, all disproportionately and negatively impact Black, Brown, Indigenous, and marginalized or othered communities. Wellness sits in the intersection and it egregiously appropriates many sacred and indigenous practices while upholding whyte supremacy characteristics.

Our Healing Hub is committed to co-create a space with the IRL & Web 3communites, which is equitable, accessible and diversely representative of racially marginalized and ‘othered’ members of the community at large by:

  • Collaborating with other practitioners and organizations that want to be in ACTION! We seek those who are actionable in dismantling dominant power and creating equity in wellness.

  • Learning from community members and friends what it means to consider the spectrum of accessibility. Many individuals are othered and or erased from containers due to gradients of individual neurodivergency, physical, mental and emotional intersectional identities.

  • Centering Black, Brown, Indigenous, and marginalized or othered communities, in the constituents we serve, our co-creators, facilitators, and community partners.

  • Respecting all individuals and encouraging the outward expression of who they are in their complete embodiment.

  • Resolving disagreement through a restorative justice approach, with an open mind and heart.

  • Offering healing (trauma) informed practices and services, which are paired with the recognition that what feels safe for some, may not feel safe for others.

  • Prioritizing financial assistance for community members and organizations who have not had access to such offerings and or services by suggesting donations versus fixed payments for movement offerings, scholarships, and flexible payments for trainings and private sessions.

In loving community,

Our Healing Hub

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